Investors lose over 3 trillion as Sensex nosedives 787 points

Investors lose over 3 trillion as Sensex nosedives 787 points

NEW DELHI: Investors lost $ 3 trillion over on Monday, as the BSE Sensex nosedived 787 points, slipping below the 72-mark and monitoring spike in crude oil prices. This is Sensex’s biggest single-day fall since September 2019.

Oil prices hit a near high due to tensions between Iran and the US, after the US killed the top commander of Iran General Qassem Soleimani early on Friday.

“Indian market is reacting more negatively than other emerging markets because of crude oil impact. Since our reliance on crude imports as a proportion of consumption is the highest, the effect on market and markets is also higher,” said Rusmik Oza, senior vice president and head of basic research at Kotak Securities.

Owing to the negative market breath, 28 of 30-share Sensex closed in the red. While 1,944 shares declined on the BSE, overall, 603 shares advanced. Among sectoral indices, Metal Index was the biggest loser and slumped 3% followed by BSE Bankex, which slipped 2.4%.

The market witnessed a deep dip as a result of unexpected spike in India’s 10-year bond yield from 6.50 to 6.55% and sustained weakness in the rupee. The slump was due to negative flows, which is unlikely to escalate. The advance to decline ratio was steeply down in 1:4, suggesting the sell-off was broad based.

“Along with primitive, the negative impact of currency is also weighing on Indian markets. The tension has increased the chance of unknowns which is getting factored. India’s Nifty-50 index was trading in a new zone on the back of budget expectations, just before the event took place. But forward PE of Nifty-50 at 19x was close to its previous peak which made it vulnerable to any external shock,” Oza added.

The friction between the two countries started Friday after the US killed a top Iranian commander in an air strike. The situation further intensified after President Donald Trump threatened sanctions against Baghdad on Sunday, after which Iraq’s parliament called to leave the country. Trump also jeopardized”major retaliation” against Iran if Tehran were to retaliate for the killing.

“Escalating tensions may dent market risk appetite and weigh down on riskier assets such as international equity markets and commodities like base metals. But it may continue to lend support to safe haven like gold and silver and will also be supportive of crude oil prices amid worries over supply disruption from the area.

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Indian Entrepreneur getting global recognition

Indian Entrepreneur getting global recognition

Xenture Technologies is pleased to announce the international expansion plan. Xenture technology’ SaaS initiative is called Trabaajo-Smart recruitment. Trabaajo is a unique 4th generation job portal and application. It has been five months; the Trabaajo is currently going places and has been launched. We have stepped into territories with our branches in US and Singapore. Where we intend to open the offices of Trabaajo by end of the financial year some other regions like Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong & California have been also been short listed.

Mr. Arun Kumar – CEO, Founder & of Trabaajo

Trabaajo the first of its kind, a recruiting application program for recruitment facilities and job search for all positions throughout the planet.

Trabaajo is a one stop solution for recruiting procedure. It’s a mechanism driving world’s largest industries, companies and student community . Applicant and recruiters will have the ability to finish tasks that are time-sensitive on the go that applicants and recruiters are not left or lost in the traffic or waiting for evaluations and approvals. The application empowers anyone to receive their job by making the recruitment process smooth. Trabaajo allows scheduling of interviews for the job seekers.

Trabaajo allows potential candidates to offer live video interviews based on their aptitude test anywhere at any time and in the nation. Recruiters can post job opening it provide document verification and resume structure according to the industry standards, analytics that are hiring and ability engagement module for its customers. Trabaajo also provides notifications that are automated.

Keeping in view the telecommunication infrastructure in India the platform has been optimized to run at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks.

Speaking at the event, Xenture Technologies’ founder, CEO Arun Kumar said,’We are extremely happy to see our product growing in such timeframe. I think Xenture Technologies is the only startup That’s adhering to the Digital India and Made in India initiative of our PM Shri Narendra Modiji. Our product is native and we are currently taking this to the platform. The idea behind Trabaajo is to bridge the gap between an employer and an employee. Trabaajo as a smart recruiting program aims to be the only interface of recruitment through smartphones.”

Sunaina Agarwal, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Xenture Technologies Private Limited said,’The new offices will allow us to work with our clients and helps us build new clientele base. We are currently appointing local staff there and our staffs will ensure that clients have support from individuals. She said,’We already have number of customers in the channel, so we awaiting further leveraging our experience to help customers accelerate their hiring process and create engagement between HR the company and the applicant.

About Trabaajo

Trabaajo, a Xenture Technologies initiative, is a unique job program; the first of its kind mobile program for recruitment facilities and job search at all positions across the globe.

Trabaajo allows potential candidates to give live video interviews based on their aptitude test anywhere at any time and in the country. It also offers free job posting document verification, and detailed resume format for its clients as per the industry standards, hiring analytics and ability engagement module.

Automatic alarms are also provided by trabaajo. It functions as a first level screening tool for recruiters. The platform has been optimized to operate at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks. This is done keeping in the view the telecommunication infrastructure in India.

What problems is it solving?

Trabaajo as an application is a time- effective tool helping to decrease the time consumed in the screening rounds. Trabaajo brings about improvement in conversion ratios and brings about efficiency in the recruitment process.

In the beta test, it has improved conversion ratios in face-to-face interviews from 15 percent to more than 73% for its clientele. It also solves the time-consuming problem of scheduling interviews (organizing calendars) between candidates and recruiters.

Other advantages include using an audit trail of interviews to ensure quality standards and reducing fraudulent interviews through a proctoring mechanism that is robust.

R Arun Kumar and Sunaina Agarwal founded in 2016 it. Trabaajo is the winner of recruitment application at the world HR Congress-2017.

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Brain health: Tips to prevent decline

Brain health: Tips to prevent decline

The mind is one of the most active organs in the body. It controls memory our thoughts and speech, and the function of many organs inside our body. The brain requires up to 20 percent of the energy reserves of the body, to keep functioning. So, our brain needs tons of fuel that is good to work throughout the day. Depriving the brain of essential nutrients may result in decline in cognitive abilities. Therefore, it is important to eat a diet that is brain-boosting to enhance your capabilities that are cognitive.

Lack of avoiding social company, and exercise, excessive drinking are different factors that hurt your brain function.

Researchers have revealed that increase in social activity could lower the risk of cognitive decline. Here are some tips to help enhance your brain function and slow down cognitive decline:

Increase mental activity

Experts say mental activity that is constant can keep the mind alert. To be able to keep you can learn a craft, take up a new hobby or learn a new language.


Lack of sleep can impair cognitive functioning and result in lack of concentration, forgetfulness and learning. Sleep six to eight hours each night to rejuvenate mind and your body.

Keep your heart healthy

Having a heart that is healthy is essential for your brain. Heart problems like hypertension can reduce the flow of blood to the brain and can cause it to age. And so

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes may up dementia risk.

Meditation helps reduce strain and the conditions that are related. It can also improve brain functions related to attention, memories and perception.

Eating a healthy diet that includes foods that are brain-boosting can help improve your memory, concentration and attention. Unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats are best for health. Along with a diet, a good exercise routine is important boost your brain function and to stay healthy. Omega-3 fats are important for the heart, brain function, and joints. These wholesome fats are found in fatty fish such as trout, salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards and kippers. Plant sources include linseed (flaxseed), soya beans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and their oils.

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Americans can now monitor intake thanks, and their fat, sugar to FDA labeling rules

Americans can now monitor intake thanks, and their fat, sugar to FDA labeling rules

Producers in the US will now have to mention the quantity of calories, sugars, fats and carbohydrates within one’serving’ of the products, as a result of the new nutritional labeling rules in the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Manufacturers will have to print two columns: one information for one serving and the other for the whole package.

This rule has been enforced by the agency . But producers earning less than $10 million annually have been given to bring the labels.

He adds,”We know that Americans are eating differently, and the amount of nutrients and calories on the label is required to reflect what people actually eat and drink,”

According to the American Heart Association and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation study, adults now consume an average of 300 more calories each day than they did in 1985. They include that the portion sizes have grown dramatically over the last 40 years, which may have something to do with the rates of obesity in the nation.

As per the rule, manufacturers will have to print two columns: one information for one serving and the other for the entire package.(FDA)

The prevalence of obesity was 39.8percent and affected about 93.3 million US adults at 2015 -2016, reports the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). The cost for men and women that have was 1,429 greater than those of normal weight.

It is in this context that FDA’s new rules find significance. The label includes information on the size that is proper, allowing Americans to accurately estimate the amount of calories consumed.

The new labels will also separate information on naturally occurring sugar in the sugars that are added.

“Hopefully, the information on the new label will not only help consumers make more informed decisions about their food and drink choices, but also motivate food makers to improve nutritional quality of their goods,” Hu said.

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ABVP says JNU violence’planned by Left parties’, claims attacks started on 3 January

ABVP says JNU violence’planned by Left parties’, claims attacks started on 3 January

The organization claimed that while it had been not able to reach out to its supporters until 10 pm, the Left organisations’had managed to get Swaraj India chief Yogendra Yadav and CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat to be present on the scene’.

Chauhan asked. ‘How come former JNUSU leader Umar Khalid was able to be at the protest in Mumbai organised at the Gateway of India? The attack, in addition to this protest, was known to him.’

He added:’How come overseas universities including Princeton, Harvard managed to start a signature campaign so quickly at about 2-3 am?’

Another ABVP activist claimed Sunday that its presidential candidates for 2019 were attacked around 4 pm. ‘The ABVP activists were inside and they helped the students to hospitals and many were given shelter in the residence of ABVP activists too,’ he said.

Sunil Ambekar, the former national organising secretary of ABVP, denied charges that the organisation was behind the violence. ‘At least 15 of our activists have been confessed and 25 have sustained injuries. Even the president could be seen accompanying the people,’ he alleged. ‘Footage is being assessed and an inquiry is on. Not ABVP students but overall students were beaten up. The facts will come out.’

In a statement, the ABVP also countered the screenshots which are doing the rounds claiming that the organisation was behind the attack. ‘screenshots of men are being widely circulated from Whatsapp groups averring they’ve ABVP affiliations,’ it stated. ‘Such malicious insinuations betray the Left’s own desperation since they have been caught with their hands. Mischief must be condemned by every right-thinking citizen.’

‘to kill the magician’

Ambekar further accused the Left-led JNUSU has been making efforts to stall the admission process over the fee increase, and added that the attacks did not happen overnight but had started on 3 January when students wearing masks had allegedly entered the center for information system and made the servers dysfunctional.

‘Over 1,000 registrations had taken place as many students were content with the fee revision. The fee hike is simply an excuse to protest, they only want to kill the magician,’ he said. ‘Those who wish to study are unable to. Many had seminars, there were others who had to work on their practicals but labs are out of reach for them.

Ambekar said the ABVP will continue its protest to permit the university to resume the registration process. ‘We protested peacefully and were also against fee increase. The administration revised the charges and what’s being charged now is nominal,’ he added. ‘Just like Naxals attack stations, they’re attacking institutes now. We will continue with our democratic protests that enrollment should be allowed. They need to allow an institute to operate.’

Ambekar also alleged that a political angle to Sunday night’s attacks, adding that Congress leaders such as Rahul Gandhi should harbour Prime Ministerial aspirations but not at the price of students. ‘Don’t use the students as a pawn. Don’t make the students hostages. If you want to become the PM do some work,’ he said.

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‘They will turn it into a Hindu-Muslim issue’ – Jairam Ramesh says CAA protests helping BJP

‘They will turn it into a Hindu-Muslim issue’ – Jairam Ramesh says CAA protests helping BJP

New Delhi: Nationwide protests against the allegedly communal and’unconstitutional’ Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have continued unabated for nearly a month now. But senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh believes these protests will achieve little and will play into the hands of the ruling BJP.

‘It’s in the BJP’s interest to keep the CAA protests going. They’ll reduce everything to a matter of Hindus and Muslims,’ Ramesh said in an interview to ThePrint. The protests in Uttar Pradesh have already started to benefit the BJP government in the country, ” he said.

‘There is a potential for a backlash since the BJP is making it a communal issue. UP is a classic example of how it has given Yogi (Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath) a lifeline,’ Ramesh said.

Fight against NRC

The former Union environment minister said there was no point protesting against the CAA, even as he said the Congress’ strident opposition to the NRC.

‘Our protests are more powerful against the NRC. The CAA is an established fact. We have a greater probability of quitting the NRC legally and constitutionally,’ said Jairam Ramesh.

While the CAA is essentially an amendment to a 1955 Act, the projected nationally NRC could require people to prove citizenship. The Modi government has not given a date to carry out the exercise, though it has said previously NRC will be conducted across the country.

‘The CAA can only be reversed by Parliament, which could happen for the next four decades or it may be struck down by the courts, which is what we’re expecting (for),’ he added.

Congress chief ministers, among others, have said they won’t implement CAA in their respective states. But the legality of such a move remains in doubt, according to Ramesh. He added that the resolution passed by the Kerala government against CAA has an enormous political importance.

But, Ramesh maintained that the CAA is unconstitutional. ‘The CAA fundamentally rewrites the Constitution. It violates the basic structure of the Constitution.’

Ramesh said the fight against the NRC is significant because it affects all parts of society. ‘The NRC persecutes everybody. I know Hindus who don’t have documents. Look at Assam. Nearly 80 percent of those are Gurkhas, Bengali Hindus. The NRC persecutes the poor.’

Nearly 19 people were left in a Supreme exercise from the final NRC draft in Assam.

‘Congress should evaluate 2019 loss’

On the state of this Congress, Jairam Ramesh said his party should’brutally introspect’ its 2019 Lok Sabha election reduction — it won 52 seats, eight better than its 2014 tally.

‘There has been no institutional post-mortem to determine what went wrong in the 2019 elections,’ Ramesh said. ‘that doesn’t mean that we do not do a post mortem, although Then Congress president Rahul Gandhi resigned and took responsibility.’

The Congress leader added,’the resignation of Rahul was a fantastic sacrifice but it is no substitute for introspective analysis that is dispassionate. We should do it while memories are fresh and never presume that verdicts that are state-level will be reflected in the national elections in 2024.’

Ramesh added that there will be no dearth of problems for the party but that would require some changes.

‘In the last two years, the BJP has lost ground in at least eight states. But we will need to empower state leadership and create paths of advancement of people irrespective of family backgrounds,’ he said.

‘The important thing is to get states moving right now, our national recovery in 2004 also came after we took several states.’

According to Ramesh, no person can revive the Congress.

‘No single person is a magic wand. I think Rahul Gandhi has said that, Sonia Gandhi has said it differently. We must realise Indian politics has changed, society has changed and the nature of competition has shifted. Only a gigantic effort will help revive the party,’ said Ramesh.

The former Union minister said the Congress must be’far more proactive in our communication’.

‘We have to speak in a language people have to always communicate not episodically and can relate to. We also have to be mindful how (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi and (Home Minister Amit) Shah and his cohorts will respond and need to be a step before them.’

Ramesh, however, countered charges that the party was in a state of paralysis.

‘This is a government that’s on the defensive. So it’s wrong to state that the Congress isn’t cornering the Modi government on various issues,’ he said.

‘On CAA, we voted against it as opposed to three years back, when we walked out. There was greater clarity this time. We have now approached the Supreme Court against the legislation and made our stage.’

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‘Great Newwz’ leads Bollywood business in the year

‘Great Newwz’ leads Bollywood business in the year

NEW DELHI: The lack of any significant releases in the first week of 2020 has brought good news for comedy drama Great Newwz that had garnered Rs162.10 crore at the end of its second weekend in India. The Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani-starrer has taken advantage of the holidays, recording near Rs35 crore in its second weekend.

“Good Newwz continues to bring great news. Scores big (near Rs35 crore) in weekend . Should trend well on weekdays. Will cross Rs175 crore in week two. Speeding towards Rs200 crore,” trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted.

Trade site Box Office India reported the Raj film was doing business having earned around Rs20 crore in nine days. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are the next best with Rs36 crore in nine days with Delhi alone collecting Rs16.25 crore while Noida was equally strong with Rs5 crore.

The comedy drama is lead actor Kumar superhit after Mission Mangal and Housefull 4, in 2019. Good Newwz has been finding more appeal, while Mysore, Mumbai and West Bengal headed Mission Mangal’s business. Both movies have typical numbers in mass markets and small towns.

Great Newwz has easily crossed the work of the Bollywood launch in the week preceding it, Salman Khan’s action comedy Dabangg 3, that has been unable to cross the Rs140 crore mark. While the film lost much of its business in the week thanks to the protests from the Citizenship Amendment Act, word-of-mouth that is combined thereafter didn’t help either. Box Office India said the movie may have earned slightly more by now or crore had it not been for the chaos, but that’s hard to tell given the reviews that were negative.

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