These exercises will help to Eliminate your fat

These exercises will help to Eliminate your fat

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting on extra weight. The weight can also lower your confidence level and affect your work performance. The worst thing is when you don’t fit in your dresses. Sleeveless tops look sexy, but it is a. Your armpit fat rolls can spoil your look. We neglect our backs and armpits during workouts as they are not visible like other parts our abs, legs, and butt.

We bring to you some chest and back workouts that will help eliminate your fat rolls that are armpit. Here they are –

Skipping or Jumping rope

Before you begin your workout, you do to warm up your body. Continue doing this if you would like to lose the fat. Jumping rope is a powerful way to work your back and shoulders.

Lying Chest Fly

This exercise helps tighten and tone chest and upper arm muscles. Lie flat on your back, raise your knees and keep them. Then holding small weights, open your arms out to the side. Now raise your arms, bringing the weights together. Repeat this a few times.


This is considered as the exercise against fat. Do push-ups daily and see the results yourself. Star with knee push-ups, if you can not do the position.

Plank rotation

Boards that are doing will help strengthen your entire core and improve your flexibility. By performing this exercise with 5, your armpit fat will be targeted.


Chin-ups is a great exercise for reducing fat that is armpit. If this is too tough for you, you may do the versions that are assisted with bands or a weight machine.

Standing Reverse Fly

This exercise can help strengthen both your chest and back, as well as the backs of your arms. How to do it: Stand holding weights in your hands. Lift your arms then lower your arms back down.

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Brain health: Tips to prevent decline

Brain health: Tips to prevent decline

The mind is one of the most active organs in the body. It controls memory our thoughts and speech, and the function of many organs inside our body. The brain requires up to 20 percent of the energy reserves of the body, to keep functioning. So, our brain needs tons of fuel that is good to work throughout the day. Depriving the brain of essential nutrients may result in decline in cognitive abilities. Therefore, it is important to eat a diet that is brain-boosting to enhance your capabilities that are cognitive.

Lack of avoiding social company, and exercise, excessive drinking are different factors that hurt your brain function.

Researchers have revealed that increase in social activity could lower the risk of cognitive decline. Here are some tips to help enhance your brain function and slow down cognitive decline:

Increase mental activity

Experts say mental activity that is constant can keep the mind alert. To be able to keep you can learn a craft, take up a new hobby or learn a new language.


Lack of sleep can impair cognitive functioning and result in lack of concentration, forgetfulness and learning. Sleep six to eight hours each night to rejuvenate mind and your body.

Keep your heart healthy

Having a heart that is healthy is essential for your brain. Heart problems like hypertension can reduce the flow of blood to the brain and can cause it to age. And so

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes may up dementia risk.

Meditation helps reduce strain and the conditions that are related. It can also improve brain functions related to attention, memories and perception.

Eating a healthy diet that includes foods that are brain-boosting can help improve your memory, concentration and attention. Unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats are best for health. Along with a diet, a good exercise routine is important boost your brain function and to stay healthy. Omega-3 fats are important for the heart, brain function, and joints. These wholesome fats are found in fatty fish such as trout, salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards and kippers. Plant sources include linseed (flaxseed), soya beans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and their oils.

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