Kashmiri, Muslim students’ rooms targeted’ – many JNU students leave hostel after violence

Kashmiri, Muslim students’ rooms targeted’ – many JNU students leave hostel after violence

New Delhi: Hours after violence broke out inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus in the national capital, many students left their hostel rooms even as other people around the campus expressed fear over’targeted’ violence towards Kashmiri and Muslim pupils.

On Monday, ThePrint team discovered locked rooms at the Sabarmati hostel within the campus, with some Kashmiri and Muslim student residents having left the hostel.

At least 18 students and teachers were injured in the violence.

Broken glass shards and shattered window panes lay all across the entry of Sabarmati hostel, which was near the venue where the educators meet took place.

While some hostel residents left, others staying inside the campus expressed fear and alleged involvement of ABVP members in the violence.

Speaking to ThePrint, some of the students who were present in the hostel at the time of violence said the assailants targeted particular rooms — ones who belonged to a Kashmiri or a Muslim student. Two rooms that ThePrint visited were locked, with students had left.

‘It was a terror last night… Some goondas (goons) with covered faces entered the hostel and started attacking rooms. They targeted rooms of Muslim students and Kashmiri.

‘Rooms that belonged to ABVP’s members weren’t even touched. What exactly does that mean? It means that the attack was premeditated and members of ABVP were involved in the attack,’ said a Sabarmati hostel resident, who didn’t wish to be named.

‘They’re definitely not from JNU, we could say that much… There was one girl also among the attackers and we’ve been told that she was out of DU (Delhi University) ABVP unit,’ she alleged.

Another hostel resident, who did not want to be identified, said,’I was sitting in my room when some people began attacking the room next to me. The guy who lives next to me is a Kashmiri… He got really scared and started calling for help from within his room.

‘I could not even get out and help because next they came for my room. We were all hiding, trying to save our own life,’ said the resident.

While most residents told ThePrint that the assailants were outsiders the JNU administration and the Delhi Police pinned the blame on students.

In a statement released Monday morning, that the students blocked academic activities were said by the JNU administration.

‘The source of the current situation in JNU lies in certain agitating students turning violent and obstructing the academic activities of a high number of non-protesting pupils,’ JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar said.

‘The students that were protesting ruined the university communication servers to disrupt. They prevented tens of thousands of students from doing their winter enrollment. Their intent is obviously aimed at disrupting the functioning of the university.

‘This is only hooliganism and contrary to the ethos of JNU. Appropriate action will be taken and no such person will be spared,’ he added.

On its part, the Delhi Police, which was accused during the violence, also held the pupils responsible for the events. ‘They are all pupils. They are from JNU. We have not yet identified them,’ a senior police officer had informed.

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