Indian Entrepreneur getting global recognition

Indian Entrepreneur getting global recognition

Xenture Technologies is pleased to announce the international expansion plan. Xenture technology’ SaaS initiative is called Trabaajo-Smart recruitment. Trabaajo is a unique 4th generation job portal and application. It has been five months; the Trabaajo is currently going places and has been launched. We have stepped into territories with our branches in US and Singapore. Where we intend to open the offices of Trabaajo by end of the financial year some other regions like Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong & California have been also been short listed.

Mr. Arun Kumar – CEO, Founder & of Trabaajo

Trabaajo the first of its kind, a recruiting application program for recruitment facilities and job search for all positions throughout the planet.

Trabaajo is a one stop solution for recruiting procedure. It’s a mechanism driving world’s largest industries, companies and student community . Applicant and recruiters will have the ability to finish tasks that are time-sensitive on the go that applicants and recruiters are not left or lost in the traffic or waiting for evaluations and approvals. The application empowers anyone to receive their job by making the recruitment process smooth. Trabaajo allows scheduling of interviews for the job seekers.

Trabaajo allows potential candidates to offer live video interviews based on their aptitude test anywhere at any time and in the nation. Recruiters can post job opening it provide document verification and resume structure according to the industry standards, analytics that are hiring and ability engagement module for its customers. Trabaajo also provides notifications that are automated.

Keeping in view the telecommunication infrastructure in India the platform has been optimized to run at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks.

Speaking at the event, Xenture Technologies’ founder, CEO Arun Kumar said,’We are extremely happy to see our product growing in such timeframe. I think Xenture Technologies is the only startup That’s adhering to the Digital India and Made in India initiative of our PM Shri Narendra Modiji. Our product is native and we are currently taking this to the platform. The idea behind Trabaajo is to bridge the gap between an employer and an employee. Trabaajo as a smart recruiting program aims to be the only interface of recruitment through smartphones.”

Sunaina Agarwal, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Xenture Technologies Private Limited said,’The new offices will allow us to work with our clients and helps us build new clientele base. We are currently appointing local staff there and our staffs will ensure that clients have support from individuals. She said,’We already have number of customers in the channel, so we awaiting further leveraging our experience to help customers accelerate their hiring process and create engagement between HR the company and the applicant.

About Trabaajo

Trabaajo, a Xenture Technologies initiative, is a unique job program; the first of its kind mobile program for recruitment facilities and job search at all positions across the globe.

Trabaajo allows potential candidates to give live video interviews based on their aptitude test anywhere at any time and in the country. It also offers free job posting document verification, and detailed resume format for its clients as per the industry standards, hiring analytics and ability engagement module.

Automatic alarms are also provided by trabaajo. It functions as a first level screening tool for recruiters. The platform has been optimized to operate at bandwidth as low as 128 kbps i.e. 2G networks. This is done keeping in the view the telecommunication infrastructure in India.

What problems is it solving?

Trabaajo as an application is a time- effective tool helping to decrease the time consumed in the screening rounds. Trabaajo brings about improvement in conversion ratios and brings about efficiency in the recruitment process.

In the beta test, it has improved conversion ratios in face-to-face interviews from 15 percent to more than 73% for its clientele. It also solves the time-consuming problem of scheduling interviews (organizing calendars) between candidates and recruiters.

Other advantages include using an audit trail of interviews to ensure quality standards and reducing fraudulent interviews through a proctoring mechanism that is robust.

R Arun Kumar and Sunaina Agarwal founded in 2016 it. Trabaajo is the winner of recruitment application at the world HR Congress-2017.

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