These exercises will help to Eliminate your fat

These exercises will help to Eliminate your fat

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting on extra weight. The weight can also lower your confidence level and affect your work performance. The worst thing is when you don’t fit in your dresses. Sleeveless tops look sexy, but it is a. Your armpit fat rolls can spoil your look. We neglect our backs and armpits during workouts as they are not visible like other parts our abs, legs, and butt.

We bring to you some chest and back workouts that will help eliminate your fat rolls that are armpit. Here they are –

Skipping or Jumping rope

Before you begin your workout, you do to warm up your body. Continue doing this if you would like to lose the fat. Jumping rope is a powerful way to work your back and shoulders.

Lying Chest Fly

This exercise helps tighten and tone chest and upper arm muscles. Lie flat on your back, raise your knees and keep them. Then holding small weights, open your arms out to the side. Now raise your arms, bringing the weights together. Repeat this a few times.


This is considered as the exercise against fat. Do push-ups daily and see the results yourself. Star with knee push-ups, if you can not do the position.

Plank rotation

Boards that are doing will help strengthen your entire core and improve your flexibility. By performing this exercise with 5, your armpit fat will be targeted.


Chin-ups is a great exercise for reducing fat that is armpit. If this is too tough for you, you may do the versions that are assisted with bands or a weight machine.

Standing Reverse Fly

This exercise can help strengthen both your chest and back, as well as the backs of your arms. How to do it: Stand holding weights in your hands. Lift your arms then lower your arms back down.

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Brain health: Tips to prevent decline

Brain health: Tips to prevent decline

The mind is one of the most active organs in the body. It controls memory our thoughts and speech, and the function of many organs inside our body. The brain requires up to 20 percent of the energy reserves of the body, to keep functioning. So, our brain needs tons of fuel that is good to work throughout the day. Depriving the brain of essential nutrients may result in decline in cognitive abilities. Therefore, it is important to eat a diet that is brain-boosting to enhance your capabilities that are cognitive.

Lack of avoiding social company, and exercise, excessive drinking are different factors that hurt your brain function.

Researchers have revealed that increase in social activity could lower the risk of cognitive decline. Here are some tips to help enhance your brain function and slow down cognitive decline:

Increase mental activity

Experts say mental activity that is constant can keep the mind alert. To be able to keep you can learn a craft, take up a new hobby or learn a new language.


Lack of sleep can impair cognitive functioning and result in lack of concentration, forgetfulness and learning. Sleep six to eight hours each night to rejuvenate mind and your body.

Keep your heart healthy

Having a heart that is healthy is essential for your brain. Heart problems like hypertension can reduce the flow of blood to the brain and can cause it to age. And so

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes may up dementia risk.

Meditation helps reduce strain and the conditions that are related. It can also improve brain functions related to attention, memories and perception.

Eating a healthy diet that includes foods that are brain-boosting can help improve your memory, concentration and attention. Unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats are best for health. Along with a diet, a good exercise routine is important boost your brain function and to stay healthy. Omega-3 fats are important for the heart, brain function, and joints. These wholesome fats are found in fatty fish such as trout, salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards and kippers. Plant sources include linseed (flaxseed), soya beans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and their oils.

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‘They will turn it into a Hindu-Muslim issue’ – Jairam Ramesh says CAA protests helping BJP

‘They will turn it into a Hindu-Muslim issue’ – Jairam Ramesh says CAA protests helping BJP

New Delhi: Nationwide protests against the allegedly communal and’unconstitutional’ Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have continued unabated for nearly a month now. But senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh believes these protests will achieve little and will play into the hands of the ruling BJP.

‘It’s in the BJP’s interest to keep the CAA protests going. They’ll reduce everything to a matter of Hindus and Muslims,’ Ramesh said in an interview to ThePrint. The protests in Uttar Pradesh have already started to benefit the BJP government in the country, ” he said.

‘There is a potential for a backlash since the BJP is making it a communal issue. UP is a classic example of how it has given Yogi (Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath) a lifeline,’ Ramesh said.

Fight against NRC

The former Union environment minister said there was no point protesting against the CAA, even as he said the Congress’ strident opposition to the NRC.

‘Our protests are more powerful against the NRC. The CAA is an established fact. We have a greater probability of quitting the NRC legally and constitutionally,’ said Jairam Ramesh.

While the CAA is essentially an amendment to a 1955 Act, the projected nationally NRC could require people to prove citizenship. The Modi government has not given a date to carry out the exercise, though it has said previously NRC will be conducted across the country.

‘The CAA can only be reversed by Parliament, which could happen for the next four decades or it may be struck down by the courts, which is what we’re expecting (for),’ he added.

Congress chief ministers, among others, have said they won’t implement CAA in their respective states. But the legality of such a move remains in doubt, according to Ramesh. He added that the resolution passed by the Kerala government against CAA has an enormous political importance.

But, Ramesh maintained that the CAA is unconstitutional. ‘The CAA fundamentally rewrites the Constitution. It violates the basic structure of the Constitution.’

Ramesh said the fight against the NRC is significant because it affects all parts of society. ‘The NRC persecutes everybody. I know Hindus who don’t have documents. Look at Assam. Nearly 80 percent of those are Gurkhas, Bengali Hindus. The NRC persecutes the poor.’

Nearly 19 people were left in a Supreme exercise from the final NRC draft in Assam.

‘Congress should evaluate 2019 loss’

On the state of this Congress, Jairam Ramesh said his party should’brutally introspect’ its 2019 Lok Sabha election reduction — it won 52 seats, eight better than its 2014 tally.

‘There has been no institutional post-mortem to determine what went wrong in the 2019 elections,’ Ramesh said. ‘that doesn’t mean that we do not do a post mortem, although Then Congress president Rahul Gandhi resigned and took responsibility.’

The Congress leader added,’the resignation of Rahul was a fantastic sacrifice but it is no substitute for introspective analysis that is dispassionate. We should do it while memories are fresh and never presume that verdicts that are state-level will be reflected in the national elections in 2024.’

Ramesh added that there will be no dearth of problems for the party but that would require some changes.

‘In the last two years, the BJP has lost ground in at least eight states. But we will need to empower state leadership and create paths of advancement of people irrespective of family backgrounds,’ he said.

‘The important thing is to get states moving right now, our national recovery in 2004 also came after we took several states.’

According to Ramesh, no person can revive the Congress.

‘No single person is a magic wand. I think Rahul Gandhi has said that, Sonia Gandhi has said it differently. We must realise Indian politics has changed, society has changed and the nature of competition has shifted. Only a gigantic effort will help revive the party,’ said Ramesh.

The former Union minister said the Congress must be’far more proactive in our communication’.

‘We have to speak in a language people have to always communicate not episodically and can relate to. We also have to be mindful how (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi and (Home Minister Amit) Shah and his cohorts will respond and need to be a step before them.’

Ramesh, however, countered charges that the party was in a state of paralysis.

‘This is a government that’s on the defensive. So it’s wrong to state that the Congress isn’t cornering the Modi government on various issues,’ he said.

‘On CAA, we voted against it as opposed to three years back, when we walked out. There was greater clarity this time. We have now approached the Supreme Court against the legislation and made our stage.’

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‘Great Newwz’ leads Bollywood business in the year

‘Great Newwz’ leads Bollywood business in the year

NEW DELHI: The lack of any significant releases in the first week of 2020 has brought good news for comedy drama Great Newwz that had garnered Rs162.10 crore at the end of its second weekend in India. The Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani-starrer has taken advantage of the holidays, recording near Rs35 crore in its second weekend.

“Good Newwz continues to bring great news. Scores big (near Rs35 crore) in weekend . Should trend well on weekdays. Will cross Rs175 crore in week two. Speeding towards Rs200 crore,” trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted.

Trade site Box Office India reported the Raj film was doing business having earned around Rs20 crore in nine days. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are the next best with Rs36 crore in nine days with Delhi alone collecting Rs16.25 crore while Noida was equally strong with Rs5 crore.

The comedy drama is lead actor Kumar superhit after Mission Mangal and Housefull 4, in 2019. Good Newwz has been finding more appeal, while Mysore, Mumbai and West Bengal headed Mission Mangal’s business. Both movies have typical numbers in mass markets and small towns.

Great Newwz has easily crossed the work of the Bollywood launch in the week preceding it, Salman Khan’s action comedy Dabangg 3, that has been unable to cross the Rs140 crore mark. While the film lost much of its business in the week thanks to the protests from the Citizenship Amendment Act, word-of-mouth that is combined thereafter didn’t help either. Box Office India said the movie may have earned slightly more by now or crore had it not been for the chaos, but that’s hard to tell given the reviews that were negative.

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Here’s What I Know About Cybertruck

Here’s What I Know About Cybertruck

Keep reading for the headline figures truck fans will need to understand. Let’s first learn more about the stuff we’re utilized to talking about. Let’s start with the fundamental stuff. Yes, folks care about fun. The world is hooked on oil. The Financial Times reported in September that BMW is not going to commit to some other variant of the i3, even though it will keep building the present model for the time being. Which roughly suggests that it may finish a quarter-mile run within 10.8-second.

The Cybertruck owns the competition when it comes to utility. Although the Cybertruck has issues, I have begun to appreciate it more. Cybertruck is decidedly one of the most wackiest goods in the history of the automobile market. Sadly, the Cybertruck doesn’t have that capability. The Cybertruck should steer clear of this if it’s going to not be dismissed on the truck industry. A solar-powered Cybertruck will be an alternative from Tesla. The Tesla Cybertruck is going to have a lot to demonstrate in the truck industry.

Tesla must have no fantastic engineers! It didn’t choose the safe way, because there would be no progress in this world if there weren’t people who would like to risk everything. It wants batteries under the vehicle and uses the body to protect them.

Sure, it appears different, but so did the very first iPhone. Another explanation is aerodynamics. Aerodynamics isn’t usually a priority for trucks, though they do tend to go driven like race cars. Overall this item unveiling is a really impressive marketing and advertising achievement. Reno, NV, as an example, is seeing businesses arrive at the area on account of the presence of Gigafactory 1. Other individuals think it resembles something that Ikea might offer as its very first flat-pack motor vehicle.

The purchase price aspect is of utmost importance for the Tesla Cybertruck because it won’t be the sole all-electric pickup truck available on the market. Another factor to consider is rigidity. By employing unibody you reduce weight and boost range. The rate of momentum change is referred to as a force. Fortunately, you may not need to take out a second mortgage to have a Cybertruck in your driveway. Clearly, there’s interest in the item, and the ideals the item represents. Another advantage that is not mentioned frequently is that the large flat angled area on the rear of the truck is a superior prospect for a big solar panel.

Inside my opinion, it seems great. Just like any electric vehicle, one major question is range. On paper, the answer is apparently yes. You simply pay for something which looks shiny. In the beginning, you will be confused, unsure of what you’re taking a look at. Let’s have a glance at a few of the categories that WheelsJoint went over.

Yes maybe the design doesn’t appeal to the sort of men and women who need to devote their time in a Paris fashion show. A lot was written since, mainly because of its polarizing design. A unibody design of hard stainless steel does not permit you to earn something that resembles a normal truck. The one thing loud in the interior is the shortage of things which you will normally find in an auto. In a nutshell, if a glass window will be utilized in a particular way, it needs to be tested in that precise way. You require a rigid and robust frame. Unibody stainless steel is necessary to compensate for the excess weight and space necessary for batteries.

Whatever They Told You About Cybertruck Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Musk could make an entirely new category of pickup truck buyer. It spent the rest of the presentation standing in front of the Cybertruck with its two smashed windows. Elon Musk has turned into the most prosperous inventor and entrepreneur of contemporary times. Elon expects to make a more compact Cybertruck too in the long run.

Our high-level analysis is really perfect! If you’re thinking that truck proprietors mostly won’t have Internet coverage in the place where they live, you’re wrong again. Previously, Tesla products have hit the streets more or less in accord with the prototype reveals, yet this program feels somewhat different from prior efforts. In addition to that, it makes the car production much less costly.

When it has to do with trucks, people have revealed that they want something which is stable and reliable. It doesn’t seem like a truck is the sole thing that we’ve been hearing since its debut. Lots of people are rejecting the Truck despite its impressive performance characteristics and utility simply since they don’t enjoy the appearance. A unibody truck is reasonable for Tesla, which doesn’t need a big, bulky frame below the body. A $50,000 pickup truck is an incredibly common occurrence now. A vehicle naturally wishes to twist. The reason the vehicle appears like Origami is it is Origami.

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UC Browser Becomes World’s No. 2 Mobile Browser, Grabs Market Share of over 17% 

UC Browser Becomes World’s No. 2 Mobile Browser, Grabs Market Share of over 17%

The current achievement coincides with the browser’s consistent rise in its overseas markets, as it succeeds in more than half of mobile browsing market share (54.42%, per StatCounter) in October 2015 in India and attained a share of 49.05% (per StatCounter) at October 2015 in Indonesia, the third and second populous nation in Asia.  Both India and Indonesia have become the new frontier for mobile Internet, driven mostly by the rapid growth of their connected population.

The popularity of UC Browser attributes to its fast speed and effortless access to local content and services, as well as the effective distribution system UC Union, a worldwide mobile traffic and monetization platform.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. YU Yongfu, President of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, of which UCWeb is a part, said,’In addition to our leading position in home turf China, overseas growth has contributed significantly to UC Browser’s ascent to become the world’s No.2 mobile browser.  By supplying a mobile browsing gateway, UC Browser makes services conveniently available, helping improve and reshape the lifestyle of our customers.  We will continue to reach users through personalisation efforts and exceptional localisation.’

UCWeb has been seeing achievement in emerging markets, long dominating browser market in Indonesia, India and China, the three most populous emerging markets.   UCWeb also boasts of the number one spot in Pakistan (33.76%, October 2015, StatCounter percent) and has been seeing encouraging performance among other countries.

UC Browser’s strength is its signature cloud-enabled browsing technology that can compress data by around 60%, capability to compress page to provide faster page loading & information cost saving combined with localized content, catering to each market that is exceptional.  Localization and synergistic partnerships with local content providers has fostered involvement and downloads .  Last December, UC Browser surpassed 100 million daily active users (DAUs), propelling it into the elite group of apps that includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

About UCWeb:

UCWeb Inc. (UCWeb) is a leading provider of mobile internet software and services.  Since its inception in 2004, the mission of UCWeb is to provide mobile internet experience to people around the world.  UC Browser, the product of UCWeb, is compatible with all mainstream operating systems, and can be obtained on more than versions of mobile devices from over 200 manufacturers.  Serving users in more than 150 countries and areas around the world, UC Browser is available in 11 languages including English, Russian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.  Additional information about UCWeb and UC Browser can be found at  UCWeb Inc., is a business within Alibaba Group’s mobile business division.

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Trump continually provoking Iran

Trump continually provoking Iran

Washington: President Donald Trump insists that European cultural websites are fair game for the US army, dismissing concerns within his own government that doing so could constitute a war crime under international law.

He also warned Iraq if it expelled troops in retaliation for a US airstrike in Baghdad that killed a top official, that he would levy punishing sanctions.

In what is expected to be a return from a holiday recess, However, Congress is currently pushing back.

Two top Senate Democrats Monday called on Trump to immediately declassify the administration’s reasoning for the attack on the Iranian official, General Qassem Soleimani, saying there is’no legitimate justification’ for keeping the information from the general public.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said late Sunday the House would introduce and vote this week on a war powers resolution to restrict the president’s military activities regarding Iran.

A similar resolution was introduced in the Senate. Congress, which has the power to declare war, has complained that Trump didn’t provide advance notice of his airstrike in Baghdad on Soleimani.

Trump did meet the 48-hour deadline required by the War Powers Act to notify Congress after the deadly drone attack, though the document was classified and no public version has been released.

The government is expected to brief lawmakers on its actions this week.

‘It is critical that national security issues of import be shared with the American people in a timely manner,’ they wrote.

‘An entirely notification that is classified is not appropriate in a democratic society’ Pelosi said the telling’raises more questions than it answers.

This document prompts serious and urgent questions about the timing, manner and justification of this Administration’s decision to engage in hostilities against Iran.’

Iran has vowed to retaliate for Trump’s targeted killing of Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds force.

Iraq’s parliament voted Sunday in favour of a nonbinding resolution calling for the expulsion of the American forces.

Trump raised the prospect of targeting sites that were Iranian at a tweet.

Speaking with reporters Sunday as he flew back to Washington from his holiday in Florida, he refused to back down, despite international prohibitions.

‘They’re allowed to kill our people. Maim and they’re permitted to torture our people. Blow our people up and they’re allowed to use bombs. And we’re not allowed to touch their sites?

On Iraq, Trump said the US would not leave Iraq without being compensated for its army investments there over the years — then said if the troops do need to draw, he would hit Baghdad with economic penalties.

‘We will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before . It is going to make Iranian sanctions look tame,’ he said.

‘If there is any hostility, they do anything we think is inappropriate, we’re going to place sanctions on Iraq, very big sanctions on Iraq.’ He added:’We are not leaving until they pay us back to it.’

The government has scrambled to contend to the killing of Soleimani, which marked a stark escalation in tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reported more Iranian leaders may well hit if the Islamic Republic retaliates.

He didn’t provide evidence that Soleimani plotted imminent attacks on Americans. Rather than arguing that an attack was imminent, Pompeo said it was inevitable.

Some government officials were, rattled by the threat to attack sites of trump.

One US national security official said the president had captured many in the administration off guard and prompted calls that were internal for many others in the authorities to clarify the matter.

The official, who was not authorised to speak to the matter, said clarification was necessary to affirm that war crimes would not be intentionally committed by the US army.

Oona Hathaway, an international law professor at Yale and a former national security law official at the Defense Department’s legal office, said Trump’s threat amounted to’a pretty clear promise of commission of a war crime.’ The threats to Iran of the president did little to quell the furor of Tehran over Soleimani’s death.

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Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

Google has become an essential part of our lives that other search engines are no longer considered by us when we are in a rush and need to research something. As a matter of fact, we say the word hunt, we say Google it! These surprising ten examples are activities that most don’t know this genius search engine can complete while we know how to locate an address or a website through Google.

Calorie Comparison

Are you watching your weight and trying to decide what to have for dinner?

Try Googles Calorie Comparison tool. This instrument allows for you to see the differences. Simply incorporate the option hit enter and vs the one that is next. Google will populate a tab including a picture of each option, along with the values that will help you decide.

Wedding Planner

You read this right! Although you’re arranging a wedding and cant afford a planner but would like to have all your information neatly organized, try this Google tool that is remarkable. It will not help you share your news and keeptrack of yourbudget, but you are also able keep track of your memories and to make your site for the day.

Tip Calculator

Out to dinner with a group of friends? Google can easily help you determine your share of the tab including the trick. Gone are the days of the server needing to draw up different tabs so as to ascertain your share.

Translate Symbols

If you are trying to figure out what a symbol means, look no further. Google has made it simple for you to translate!From the Google Translate click on the pencil at the bottom of the first box. A notepad will appear giving you the option todraw the symbol. Google translate it and quickly will then automatically detect the language.

Download Fonts

You can use Google Fonts to download all kinds of fonts from Arabic. Once youve chosen your language, you may change the depth, slant, and width of the fontbefore youdownload it to your device.

You can take a tour of some of the most famous art galleries around the world from the comfort of your own home. With a few clicks of your mouse, you may enjoy visiting with art, which range to theCassino Museo Arte Contemporanea CAMUSAC in Cassino, Italy.

Explore The Universe

If you are just interested to see what it looks like out in the universe or are an enthusiast, Google Sky gives you an chance to do that via vibrant pictures of various constellations.

Set a Timer

If you are trying to keep a schedule, especially you keep your work in another tab and can select the timer option on Google. The Google Timer will sound off when your time is up. This is a excellent tool because you get the reminder directly thereonthe same display for people that spend a lot of time on the computer.

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Telcos seek cuts cheaper financing as budget sops, in levies

Telcos seek cuts cheaper financing as budget sops, in levies

NEW DELHI: Telecom firms in India, which are decreasing decreasing revenue streams in the hyper competitive industry, have sought from the authorities reduction in levies like licence fees, spectrum usage charges, besides ways to mobilize cheaper funds to improve infrastructure.

The department of telecommunications on Monday held consultations with industry bodies and representatives of all operators.

“Telecom companies have raised the issue of cut in licence fee, and have sought a credit line in the meeting. We have asked telecom companies to submit their response by tomorrow evening and we will take these issues with the Finance Ministry soon,” a DoT official said requesting anonymity.

Telecom operators are liable to pay around 3-6% and 8% of the adjusted gross revenue (AGR) as spectrum usage charges and license fees, respectively, to DoT. Out of the 8% licence fee paid, 5% is USOF levy which government uses to improve connectivity and expand network in unconnected areas.

To be certain, these demands aren’t new and telecom companies have for long argued that these levies in India are among the highest in the world and have to be lowered.

In fact, in February 2018, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India too advocated the DoT, as part of its”Inputs for Formulation of National Telecom Policy- 2018″, to review the rates of levies paid by operators because access spectrum is now being assigned through auction, and telecommunication networks have been the underlying infrastructure for growth of the digital economy.

“Out of the 96,674 crore gathered for the USOF between 2003 and 2019, Rs50,554 crore remained unutilized. While service providers are going rural, they still need to pay the USOF levy. Thus USOF contribution should be put in abeyance till the entire existing amount of the corpus gets fully disbursed or it should be lowered immediately to 3% (instead of 5%),” COAI said in its presentation to DoT on Monday.

The industry body has also asked the authorities to ease funding at lower rate of interest in order to plough more funds for community upgradation, maintenance and growth.

The Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association has also sought the creation of a special working group to look into devising a credit line system to domestic manufacturers for distribution of’make in India’ equipment.

These requirements also come at a time when two from the 3 personal telcos have posted record losses after being struck by an unfavourable court verdict article a 14-year battle between telecom companies and the department of telecommunications on the definition of AGR from the industry.

Bharti Airtel swung to a Rs23,045 crore loss in the September quarter from a profit of $118 crore a year ago as it set aside money to pay the dues. Vodafone Idea’s loss for the September quarter increased to Rs50,922 crore from Rs4,874 crore in the year earlier.

A basic customs duty of 20% is levied on import of most telecom equipment including 4G/5G related network products, soft switches and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment, etc.. COAI has hunted abolishing these duties to bring down cost of equipment for rollout.

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Supreme Court asks Nusli Wadia, differences to be resolved by Ratan Tata in defamation case

Supreme Court asks Nusli Wadia, differences to be resolved by Ratan Tata in defamation case

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court Monday asked Bombay Dyeing chairman Nusli Wadia and Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of Tata Sons, to sit together and resolve their differences.

After he had been voted out of the boards of several Tata Group companies a defamation case filed against Ratan Tata and other directors of Tata Sons in 2016.

“You both are older folks. You both are leaders of industry. Why don’t you both settle the issue. Why don’t you resolve your differences and sit. Do you need to pursue litigation such as this?” , said a bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde.

At the outset, Senior advocate A Sundaram said that he has nothing against Tata Group and not claimed any defamation caused by his removal from the board.

“I am not against the company, which eliminated me. I am against those people who requisitioned for the resolution, which was finally leaked to the press,” he said, adding that they ought to withdraw the allegations.

The seat told Wadia that others and Ratan Tata have some grievances against him and questioned as to how does that amount to defamation.

Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that Wadia has given a statutory notice looking for the answer.

The court should record this and he said there is a finding by the Bombay High Court that there was no intention and eliminate the request.

The moment the bench finished dictating the order, that it was upholding the findings of High Court, Sundaram stated he’s instruction from his client he would like to pursue the defamation lawsuit.

To this, the bench said that it doesn’t understand as why he (Wadia) is going to pursue the suit.

It asked Sundaram to seek instruction from his customer by January 13 and notify the court as to whether he wants to pursue the lawsuit filed in the matter.

Wadia has moved the apex court challenging the High Court order of last year, quashing proceedings initiated by a Mumbai local court against Tata Sons’ former chairman Ratan Tata, its current chief N Chandrasekaran and eight directors in a criminal defamation case filed by him.

On December 15, 2018, notices had been issued by a magistrate court in Mumbai to Ratan Tata and the others in the criminal defamation case filed by Wadia.

Wadia filed the defamation case in 2016 after he was voted out of the boards of some Tata Group companies, and claimed that Tata and others made defamatory statements against him after they removed Cyrus Mistry on October 24, 2016 as the group chairman of Tata Sons.

Tata and others had approached the court seeking to quash and set aside the proceedings initiated against them.

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Must self review says Talmiz Ahmad on Suleimani murdering, Ramesh Venkataram

Must self review says Talmiz Ahmad on Suleimani murdering, Ramesh Venkataram

Secularism’s Brexit moment

Private equity investor and former McKinsey partner

The Indian Express

Venkataraman writes that’the constitutional commitment to secularism of India is under threat’, although because the BJP government’appears determined to undermine the secular ethos of India’ but in the past couple of years’ has grown because’ popular scepticism of secularism.

He writes that during his travels, he discovered that the’perceived anti-Muslim measures’ are seen’as a thing by Hindutva diehards but by the’moderate centre’.’

‘It is not a taboo correspondingly, and to raise questions that were formerly the preserve of the right-wing fringe about patriotism , private law, or Muslim privileges allege a neglect of Hindu concerns,’ he writes.

The’method of self-righteously throwing the Constitution at anybody who supports the Modi regime’s agenda and demonising them as’bhakts’,’Sanghis’, or’chaddiwallahs’ reminds’ him of how’Britain elite lost the Brexit battle’. Indian secularists’must wake up to the fact that the discourse on the ground has altered’.

He suggests that’preserving the country’s secular fabric’ will need’secularism’s advocates to respectfully and urgently engage with the’moderate centre’.’ Moreover,’hardline secularists will need to show some humility’. It’s not’anti-Muslim to take where secularism has been compromised in practise’, India’needs its secularists to participate in open and self-critical debate – rather’.

Talmiz Ahmad

India’s Times

Ahmad states that the’assassination of Major General Qassim Suleimani’ has’exponentially escalated uncertainties and tensions in West Asia’. He argues that the’spoiler for Iran has been the United States’ as President Trump came to power’with a visceral anti-Iran platform that led him to confront Iranian influence across West Asia and even threaten the country with regime change’.

Suleimani’led the fight against the Islamic State and, through his control over the country’s formidable Shia militia, also assured that pro-Iran authorities came to power in Baghdad’. The US’came to view Suleimani because its principal’. Ahmad argues that Trump’certainly needed to remind his constituency that he is a strong and decisive leader who’s totally uncompromising and callous when it comes to protecting US interests’. Moreover, Iran’is unlikely to react peremptorily into the US provocation’. At exactly the exact same time,’it will exact retribution, but at a time and place of its own choosing and will pick a goal which will wound the US but still give Iran a level of deniability’.

Spotting an opportunity in changing fundamentals

Sujan R. Chinoy

The Hindu

Chinoy maintains that the”Stage One’ trade deal between the USA and China gives’either side a reprieve’.

He writes that China’continues to buy Iranian crude oil and is its largest buyer’ and argues that’in tensions with the U.S., Iran sees in China that a sympathiser’. ‘China’s interest in Saudi Aramco’s first public offering and interest in weakening the dollar in the world energy economy has grown, ” he writes, adding it is farther’forging closer ties with oil producers that are in the U.S.’s cross hairs on human rights and governance issues’. He says that’as U.S.-China worries drive supply chains from China, India could emerge as an alternative destination with the perfect policies’. Additionally,’China’s economic success has emboldened it such that it challenges the liberal democracy model and offers an alternative developmental model based on its own system’.

To conclude, Chinoy writes that’U.S.-China competition equates with an upward trajectory in India-U.S. relations’. This is’important for equilibrium and multi-polarity in Asia, even as India and China attempt to build much-needed trust and collaboration’.

Lifting growth, containing inflation

Financial Express

Gulati calls for’bold moves’ in grain management system and agriculture reform. If the government had a strategy for liquidating excess grain stocks, it may save Rs 50,000 crore annually that may help finance its new investment package for infrastructure of about Rs 102 lakh crore, he explains.

At the moment there’s’massive inefficiency in the grain direction system under the National Food Security Act (NFSA)’, writes Gulati. There is’massive accumulation of grain stocks’ and’disbursal of those stocks remains largely restricted to the public distribution system (PDS)’, he adds.

Gulati presents three alternatives to improving food management. First, while the poor get maximum food subsidy,’the issue price ought to be fixed at, say, 50 percent of the procurement price (as was done under Atal Bihari Vaypayee for the BPL category)’; instant,’limit subsidised grain supply under NFSA to 40 per cent of the populace rather than the current 67 percent’ and finally, reduce the procurement of rice especially in states like Punjab and Haryana where the’groundwater table is depleting fast’.

Five banking trends for the new year

Tamal Bandyopadhyay | Writer & senior advisor, Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd

Business Standard

Bandyopadhyay starts by stating the dominant trend in Indian banking in 2020 is that’the pile of bad loans will rise’ and what leads to this, is the growth in’divergence in banks’ estimate of bad assets and the regulator’s assessment’.

This tendency, however, has changed given NPA recovery and improved asset quality, he writes. Around December last year, at least three insolvency cases, such as Essar Steel’s, got resolved and together, the banks regained near Rs 50,000 crore, explains Bandyopadhyay.

‘The not-so-good news is the low credit offtake’ that has been aided by slowing economic growth, poor demand and bankers’ fears of being ‘grilled’ by investigative agencies, he writes.

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Murugappa group rift: Hereditary board article not a legal right, say experts

Murugappa group rift: Hereditary board article not a legal right, say experts

Chennai: Even as the $37,000 crore Murugappa group is maintaining a studied silence on the allegation of sex bias in offering board membership, company law experts say the law doesn’t recognise any hereditary rights to a berth in any firm’s board.

They also said gender bias may not be the reason for denial of a plank berth.

“There can’t be any gender discrimination for board berth.

US-based Valli Arunachalam, the daughter of late M.V. Murugappan, has alleged that the band promoters have gender bias against girls getting into family business and hence she or her sister had been denied a board berth in Ambadi Investments Ltd following their father’s death in 2017.

“Company law does not recognise any hereditary rights for a board berth.

Varadarajan said that Valli Arunachalam should provide her candidature for appointment at the ensuing annual general meeting of the company by following the provisions of company law.

He said if there’s a shareholders’ agreement in this respect, she can enforce it.

Demanding a board berth for her or her sister, Arunachalam also said if the demand isn’t fulfilled, then the other branches of the family should pay a reasonable market value for approximately eight per cent stake held in Ambadi Investments.

According to Arunachalam, she is trying to apply her father’s will to procure a plank berth for the relative dependent on the shareholding in Ambadi Investments.

According to reports, she had broached the subject of board membership with the family seniors but didn’t get a decent reply and any affirmative action in that respect.

“The rift appears to be more to maintain the family’s right to get a board berth. The issue will be sorted out easily. This is the first time that the family tussle has come out into the open,” a long-timer from the group told IANS preferring anonymity.

“It has become the group’s practice not to bring in women into running the business, be it daughters or daughters-in-law. The female members of the Murugappa family are involved in running the schools owned by the group or come for other major functions,” the official added.

One of the respected and leading industrial conglomerates, the Murugappa group has 28 business including nine listed companies.

The major companies in the group are: Carborundum Universal Ltd, Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Ltd, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd, Coromandel International Ltd, Coromandel Engineering Company Ltd, E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd, Parry Agro Industries Ltd, Shanthi Gears Ltd, Tube Investments of India Ltd, and Wendt (India) Ltd..

Except for two, all of the other listed group companies are run by professionals.

“There is the Murugappa Corporate Advisory Board. While the Board is led by a family member as Executive Chairman, the tenure ends when the individual attains 65 years old. The transition has always been smooth,” another senior official of the group told IANS on the condition of anonymity.

“Not all the male heirs of the family get to head a group firm. A relative enters the group company as a management trainee and goes up in the ladder purely on performance,” a group official pointed out.

Queried about Arunachalam’s demand of paying the household a fair market value for the stakes held, team officials said she or her family might not go the level of selling out to outsiders if the other members of the Murugappa household do not buy them out.

“It may not be worthwhile for an outsider to obtain the stakes held by Arunachalam’s family. The buyer will become only a minor stake and will have no major voice in running the group against the other household members,” the official said.

Officials are of the opinion that it may be the time for the Murugappa family on inducting the female members of their family to decide.

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Kashmiri, Muslim students’ rooms targeted’ – many JNU students leave hostel after violence

Kashmiri, Muslim students’ rooms targeted’ – many JNU students leave hostel after violence

New Delhi: Hours after violence broke out inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus in the national capital, many students left their hostel rooms even as other people around the campus expressed fear over’targeted’ violence towards Kashmiri and Muslim pupils.

On Monday, ThePrint team discovered locked rooms at the Sabarmati hostel within the campus, with some Kashmiri and Muslim student residents having left the hostel.

At least 18 students and teachers were injured in the violence.

Broken glass shards and shattered window panes lay all across the entry of Sabarmati hostel, which was near the venue where the educators meet took place.

While some hostel residents left, others staying inside the campus expressed fear and alleged involvement of ABVP members in the violence.

Speaking to ThePrint, some of the students who were present in the hostel at the time of violence said the assailants targeted particular rooms — ones who belonged to a Kashmiri or a Muslim student. Two rooms that ThePrint visited were locked, with students had left.

‘It was a terror last night… Some goondas (goons) with covered faces entered the hostel and started attacking rooms. They targeted rooms of Muslim students and Kashmiri.

‘Rooms that belonged to ABVP’s members weren’t even touched. What exactly does that mean? It means that the attack was premeditated and members of ABVP were involved in the attack,’ said a Sabarmati hostel resident, who didn’t wish to be named.

‘They’re definitely not from JNU, we could say that much… There was one girl also among the attackers and we’ve been told that she was out of DU (Delhi University) ABVP unit,’ she alleged.

Another hostel resident, who did not want to be identified, said,’I was sitting in my room when some people began attacking the room next to me. The guy who lives next to me is a Kashmiri… He got really scared and started calling for help from within his room.

‘I could not even get out and help because next they came for my room. We were all hiding, trying to save our own life,’ said the resident.

While most residents told ThePrint that the assailants were outsiders the JNU administration and the Delhi Police pinned the blame on students.

In a statement released Monday morning, that the students blocked academic activities were said by the JNU administration.

‘The source of the current situation in JNU lies in certain agitating students turning violent and obstructing the academic activities of a high number of non-protesting pupils,’ JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar said.

‘The students that were protesting ruined the university communication servers to disrupt. They prevented tens of thousands of students from doing their winter enrollment. Their intent is obviously aimed at disrupting the functioning of the university.

‘This is only hooliganism and contrary to the ethos of JNU. Appropriate action will be taken and no such person will be spared,’ he added.

On its part, the Delhi Police, which was accused during the violence, also held the pupils responsible for the events. ‘They are all pupils. They are from JNU. We have not yet identified them,’ a senior police officer had informed.

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